32 ford project for sale

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32 ford project for sale

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The coupe shown above, built back in and still owned by Russell DeSalvo, looks a lot like what I want to end up with. Restored original sheet metal along with wheels, tires, and stance are all you need to get a Deuce looking great. The goal here is something comfortable and reliable.

Other than replacing the floor that was cut out long before I bought it, and mounting a pair of original Chevy taillights below the trunk lid, the body will be restored to the way it was originally built. Besides, those things make original cars look like the plastic ones. These cars have great lines.

The more I work on this car, the more appreciation I have for what it was. With its unique Murray body, the Ford three-window coupe is an outstanding design.

There were only 22, of them built, compared to 51, five-window coupes, andTudor sedans. Currently, all of the chassis parts are being polished to get them ready for assembly. The rear fenders arrived back in April of and are ready to be metal-finished.

It came out of his cherry original Deuce three-window. The coupe will have a full set of original fenders. Back in the fall ofI spent some time working on the body. The first priority was to remove all of the rust.

I sprayed the outside of the body with Gibbs Brand and then let it sit for a couple of days to penetrate into the steel, especially where there was rust. That was followed by another coat of Gibbs Brand to protect the bare sheet metal from fingerprints and rust.

Overall, the body is in great shape. I have also refinished a set of four original aluminum American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels with the same bolt patterns that can be interchanged with the Halibrands.

The new Firestone 8.

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The dog is a lot happier with the Torq-Thrusts. This picture barely shows the roof insert, which still has all of the original wood and wire intact. This is one of several Olds rear ends that I bought and cleaned up.

32 ford project for sale

First, I cleaned the housing and then had it sandblasted. Then I went over the housing with a three-inch, grit sanding disc in a die grinder, working out all of the pits. As it sits now, most of it has been sanded up to grit.

So far, the total time I spent on this housing is two evenings. This car must have been channeled at one point, because the entire floor had been cut out of the car.

Since the original subrails were left intact and are in good shape, installing a new floor will be straightforward. This one is ready to be welded in place.

It was made in one piece, cut with a laser, and measures just over eight feet long. One of the things you learn from building an original Deuce three-window from scratch, without some of the pieces to the puzzle, is how hard it can be to find good original parts.

When you find cherry examples of them parts that are taken for granted on later and more-common carsyou must be having a good day.

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Both of the door window moldings are in bare metal, ready for paint or plating. An-equally perfect rear window molding, which I bought complete with its original maroon paint, has also been sanded and polished. The coupe engine is is built around a Chevy tall-deck truck block. When the chassis goes together, it will be set up to accept the big block Chevy, leaving lots of room in case I decide to use my Chevy engine.

The grilles that have been restored for the coupe and roadster are identical. The grille shells have been metal-finished, and the grille inserts and Ford emblems have been restored. After finding this original radiator cap, I used a bead blaster to remove what remained of its pitted plating.

What you see here is the result of going over it with abrasives and then some metal polish. The hood is made up from pieces that came from two sources. Since then, whenever our paths cross, I shake his hand.Used Buses For Sale.

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I've been in love with Fords since I first saw one. Only a Deuce is a Deuce. The Ford is regarded as being definitive hot rod, and has been since the birth of hot rodding as we know it . A very nice Ford Coupe was shipped in from Texas for a “frame off” resto-rod ressurection. The car was totally disassembled and the body was taken off of . A Brookville 3 window Coupe body was the start for this project. Next in the package was a Ferguson supercharged aluminum Ardun motor backed by a six-speed Tremec TKO. Nash headlights were restored and upgraded to 12 volt as well as Pontiac tail lights.

38 watching; Ford Other. $25, The grille/shell assembly will fit your project perfectly or you can use it for. Project Cars and Vintage Vehicles For Sale has , members.

32 ford project for sale

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