Academic writing for graduate students 2004 pdf merge

The five-storysf school will serve approximately 1, students in pre-K through 8th grade.

Academic writing for graduate students 2004 pdf merge

The Theological Seminary of the Wisconsin Synod was formally opened in the fall of in Watertown. Instruction was initially given by Professor Edward Moldehnke, Ph.

Inthe students of the theological department were transferred to Concordia Seminary at St. There should be no difficulty in raising the required amount, and we trust that it will be done.

If the people of Watertown let this opportunity slip for securing such school advantages as are now offered them, and if her business men and property holders do not take interest enough in the matter to secure the location of institutions here which must prove of such immense advantage to them, pecuniarily as the proposed Seminary and College, the city may as well be fenced in, and her monied men may be regarded as blind to their own interests.

academic writing for graduate students 2004 pdf merge

For every dollar they give towards the location and erection of these schools here, they will reap ten in the enhanced value of their property and the increased attractions which the city will present to new comers in our state who are seeking homes in Wisconsin.

There are but two drawbacks to the prosperity of Watertown, and but for these she would today number at least ten thousand inhabitants.

academic writing for graduate students 2004 pdf merge

We allude to the bonds issued for railroad purposes and the lack of educational facilities. No educational enterprise is more important than this. A liberally endowed and well organized Seminary of the highest class, such as this is designed to be, will confer on our city a character and reputation that will be beneficial in every respect.

A popular and flourishing Theological Seminary, attended by students from all parts of the northwest, favorably located here, will bring the place prominently before the public and associate its name with the sacred and classic literature of the world.

But aside from these more elevated considerations, in a business point of view, the success of this effort is highly desirable. It is now easily within the reach of our citizens to secure a prize which will be a credit to their liberality and a benefit to the community.

Holton of Milwaukee is now traveling in Russia and was in Moscow on the 13th of last November. The Sentinel publishes an interesting letter from him and among other curious items is the following: Wisconsin out here in the heart of Russia, solicits fund to build up her seminaries!

The main building, now being erected, will be 65 feet long, 55 deep and three stories high, with a basement, the whole surmounted with an astronomical observatory.

The foundations will be stone and the walls brick. The halls, lecture and tuition rooms are conveniently arranged and will be amply furnished.

Louis Charbeneau of this city is the architect and the work is being done under his supervision. The main building will be completed this fall and be immediately put in readiness for the receptions of students.

Two wings are to be added as soon as they may be needed. This institution, which will be a great advantage and credit to our city, will be under the care and superintendence of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. That it will be successful and prove a benefit and blessings to thousands who will here find the means and facilities for pursuing studies in all the various departments of learning — theological, classical or scientific — cannot now admit of a doubt.

The services of distinguished and experienced professors will be employed and everything done to render the institution worthy of public confidence and support. It was later merged with Dr. It will embrace two classes of students — one in the preparatory department and grammar school and the other those pursuing a collegiate course.

The College year is divided into three terms, the first of 14 weeks beginning on the said 2nd Thursday in Sept. The tuition in the preparatory department is 10 dollars per term and in the collegiate course 12 dollars per term.

Special advantages are afforded in the study of the German language; recitations will be heard and instruction given altogether in English and German.

The institution is under the auspices of the Evang.Contribute content to Steve Alb, Director of The Book Store at Western, Books Plus, Campus Computer Store and Graphic Services: Steve Alb is the Director of The Book Store at Western, Books Plus, Campus Computer Store and Graphic Services and is responsible for administering the license and trademark at the .

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