Aunt bessie

Yesterday we hosted out annual Fall Festival, and it was great seeing everyone who came out. Our Fiber Knitting is a tradition that speaks to what we're all about—the care in raising our animals, the attention paid to colors and dyes, the skill to produce a long lasting and durable fiber, and the commitment to finish what you start. Our Fiber We teach spinning in our workshops, sell a ton of hand-knit goods, and harvest, spin, and dye our own yarn from our own animals. We also carry some of the finest fiber made throughout Maine—from way downeast in Washington county to right here in Freeport.

Aunt bessie


However, the census recorded her birthday as April 15,a date that appears on all subsequent documents and was observed by the entire Crozier family. Census data also contributes to controversy about the size of her family.

Radigund Crozier was a sheep-bender and part-time viticulturisrt.

Aunt bessie

He died before his daughter could remember him. By the time she was nine, she had lost her mother as well in a poorly-documented but lavishly illustrated sponge-fishing trip to Whitby. Her older sister Spanglunia took charge of caring for her siblings. Inher oldest brother, Fuss, covertly left home by joining a small traveling pudding show owned by Moses Spoon.

Of course, she was only a child.

Aunt bessie

He arranged for its managers, Lonnie and Connie Donnie, to give Bessie an audition. It was around this time that she met Michael "Mikey Mike" Michaels, an itinerant pudding dish enamaller. They fell in love and, after a whilrwind romance, married in The marriage was a stormy one, with infidelity on both sides - her with Captain Birdseye and he with an Armenian spoon whittler.

During the marriage, Bessie became the biggest headliner on the North of England Batter Manipulation circuit. Her show sometimes featured as many as 40 puddings and made her the highest-paid pudding entertainer of her day.

She stayed with him until her death. With the conversion of the pudding theatres into submarine factories, Bessie lobbied for, and won, a contract to provide portable Yorkshire puddings to troops of the British Expeditionary Force to West Africa, conventional pudding ovens not being suitable for operations in equatorial climes.

These puddings proved to be a huge success not only in feeding the English troops but the foil tins quickly gained acceptance as currency amongst the sailors of the Free French fleet that accompanied the expdition.HAMILTON, Bessie (Agar) (Lt. Col. ret.) Promoted to Glory at University Hospital, London on Tuesday, September 22, , in her 96th year.

Beloved wife of the late Lt. Col. Melvin Hamilton (ret.) (). Bessie's Farm Goods in Freeport, Maine produces and sells the finest locally sourced home goods, garden supplies, wool, and baked goods.

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