Dinagyang festival

Held on the fourth week of January, this festival draws tourists, Filipinos and foreigners alike, to Panay Island's busiest city, Iloilo. Highlighting the festival is the Ati Dance competition wherein several Tribu or tribes participate. Initially, when my Ilongga friend Jeany, was explaining the festival and referred to the participants of the Ati Dance as tribes, I thought that they were literally from indigenous "tribes".

Dinagyang festival

It showcases the rich heritage and beautiful history of the indigenous people, while celebrating in honor of the Senyor Santo Nino. However, years later, the festival has grown to pattern the giant celebrations of Ati-Atihan.

The exciting festival is filled with music, dance, culture, a competition of the best costumes among the different tribes, and more. The closer you are to your departure date, the more expensive the tickets may be. But keep an eye Dinagyang festival for the regular discounts to lessen your peak-season vacation bills.

Flight time from Manila to Iloilo is only an hour and 25 minutes. Check awesome flight deals here where you can get one-way airfares for as low as P The Ati Tribe Competition is one of the most awaited events of the festival.

Some of them carry a shield and a spear. They dance to the beat of live drums, and various percussion instruments while chanting in the local dialect.

All of these colorful and elaborate costumes are made by hand, some by young students. Tourists and locals alike are expected to dance along to the beat of the drums. The main streets of Iloilo city will be filled with food kiosks and Dinagyang festival souvenir stalls.

Because of the colorful costumes and wonderful expression of culture, the Dinagyang festival is one of the most photographed events in the country. The festival holds a special contest for photographers where the best photos are given recognition. There are spots allotted for photographers all over the festival grounds.

The aroma of delicious cooking and sizzling street delicacies will follow you during your trip. The Ilonggo original that started as a simple bahay-kubo style restaurant now has its own beachside resort.

A meal for one will cost you less than P Another must-eat while in Iloilo is the creamy fresh Talaba oysters. You can enjoy this at Breakthrough Seafood, a restaurant that serves only the freshest catch. They also serve various shellfish like Imbao fatty clam that you can only find in the region.

Now that you know how much enjoyable it can be to visit, check out these Iloilo City hotels where you can stay during Dinagyang Festival!For more information on the Dinagyang Festival , visit their official website. Wherever you may be right now, we at Rappler celebrate the festivals with you.

Viva Pit Senyor! Jan 29,  · Ten participants vie for the major and special awards and because this was the 50th Dinagyang Festival, as expected, it was a fusion of the best spectacle, merriment, and color.

Dinagyang festival

Here are some of the world class photos taken by Panay News. Festival Dinagyang. Unidentified people on parade in carnival costumes.

Documentary Editorial Image. Image of bright, group, bloom - January 24th Iloilo, Philippines. Festival Dinagyang. Editorial Stock Photo - Image of bright, group: Nov 17,  · This feature is not available right now.


Please try again later. Pintados Festival celebrated each third week in the month of March, has grown over the years to be one of the most remarkable events. Philippines’ event calendar is packed with festivals that make it one of the most elaborate cultural systems across the world. Other Aliwan Fiesta streetdancing champions include Halad Festival of Midsayap, Cotabato () and Dinagyang's Tribu Atub-Atub, Pintados de Passi of Passi City, Iloilo Dinagyang's Tribu Paghidaet, Dinagyang's Tribu Pan-ay in , and in and Tribu Katbalaugan for the Manaragat Festival of Catbalogan City.

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