Enery savings

In order to reduce costs in your business when it comes to energy, there are a variety of different factors you need to consider.

Enery savings

View as slideshow Add up all those overlooked cracks, gaps, and openings around your windows, doors, plumbing, and wiring, and you may find your house has a hole the size of a Mack truck.

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Seal it up, and you'll save more than 10 percent on your heating bills. Start by caulking or weatherstripping around windows.

For added comfort, pick up a product such as the 3M Indoor Window Kit at the hardware store. It can increase a single-paned window's R-value by up to 90 percent.

Fill in cracks around door frames with caulk, and while you're at it, install a screw-on or adhesive-backed door sweep.

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Use expanding-foam sealants to fill in larger gaps around plumbing and electrical work, especially where pipes enter your house through exterior walls.

Tackle energy suckers in overlooked places, too—like exterior wall sockets and switches. You can block them up using fitted insulation pads.

Just unscrew the switch plates and pop the pads into place.

Energy Saving Tips

Learn how an energy audit can help you detect where fuel costs are flying out the windows and walls.When do BGE Energy Savings Days occur? BGE schedules Energy Savings Days when the demand for electricity is expected to be particularly high.

This typically occurs on very hot summer weekdays when both homes and businesses are using higher amounts of electricity, especially with air conditioning.

Enery savings

SAVE MONEY & ENERGY WITH TAX CREDIT ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS If you purchase select energy-saving products from 1/2/15 – 12/31/16, you may qualify to receive a federal tax credit. a principle that energy cannot be created or destroyed although it can be changed from one form into another, as when heat energy is converted to light energy.

It is now superseded by the special relativity equation E = mc 2, but it is still applicable to chemical changes. a nursing outcome from the. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program ® offers you a variety of options to save energy, money and the environment.

We provide turn-key energy management fit-up projects including energy efficiency for:

Plus, these programs support the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act. Choosing natural gas is an environmentally responsible way to get the reliability and performance your business needs—often at significant cost savings over time. Energy savings "Top 10" SRP recommends the following simple no-cost/low-cost energy savings tips as the starting point for your energy conservation efforts at your office or shop.

Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.

Energy Savings for Your Home