Ghazi ghaith writing a resume

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Ghazi ghaith writing a resume

Ghaith American University of Beirut, Lebanon Abstract This article reports the results of an experimental study that examined the relative effectiveness of the WebQuest WQ technological model in improving the English for Occupational Purposes EOP writing proiciency of a cohort of English as a foreign language EFL learners who were enrolled in a certified university professional business program in Lebanon.

The study looked into the question of whether WebQuest is perceived as a signiicant and eficacious teaching tool. The study is ghazi ghaith writing a resume on the assumptions that language instructors can use the WQ as a useful source of authentic materials that enrich the content and exercises of the regular English for Speciic Purposes ESP textbooks.

The study employed an experimental pretest-posttest control group design. Descriptive statistics were calculated on performance scores of learners in the control and experimental groups, and by gender, following which a Multivariate Analysis of Covariance MANCOVA test was conducted in order to address the questions raised in the study regarding the effect of the treatment conditions, gender, and the interaction between treatment and gender.

The results of the study showed no WQI signiicant treatment effects, and no significant interaction effects of treatment and gender on writing achievement. It was also found that females outperformed males. EFL, ESP, EOP, WebQuest, writing achievement Introduction Technology ghazi ghaith writing a resume be used effectively as a tool for creative work whereby students can become more autonomous, collaborative, and relective than in regular classroom settings Tuan, In fact, as suggested by Reeves et al.

With its ease of use and accessibility, the Internet increases the importance of English language teaching and learning for various purposes in the domains of education, business and commerce Eastman, ; Liou, The creation and dissemination of a number of communication and informational processing models such as Wikis, Blogs, and WebQuest Cunningham, has contributed to improving teaching English in various international and national contexts.

However, the disadvantages involved in using technology in language teaching relates to frustration from limited or no access and lack of mastery of technology skills on the part of teachers and students. It is a scaffold learning structure that employs links to resources on the World Wide Web and an authentic task to motivate students' investigation of an open-ended question that attempts to transform newly acquired information into a more sophisticated understanding Tuan, In line with educational social and cognitive constructivism, students will build their own knowledge through creating their own WebQuests in a classroom environment that fosters a student-centered classroom Tuan, However, a review of the research on the use of technology in language education reveals conlicting and inconclusive results.

For instance, BraineGhalebLiou and Sullivan and Pratt have all concurred that Web-based language instruction produced better writing quality and more writing quantity than traditional classroom instruction.

Conversely, a number of other studies i.

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This suggest that the effect of technology on language learning and teaching may be context-specific whereby numerous learner and teacher-related factors as well as school factors may interact and negatively impact the eficacy of using technology in teaching languages.

In particular, the study addressed the following questions: Is there an interaction effect between gender and the treatment conditions on EOP writing production?

The following three null hypotheses were formulated and tested to address the study questions: Likewise, the positive impact of the Internet in promoting EFL language acquisition has been underscored by many studies Hill et al, ; Lewis, ; Macdonald et al, The WebQuest application, conceived by Bernie Dodge, includes inquiry-oriented activities in which the information used by learners is drawn from the Internet Dodge, Several researchers have recognized the WebQuest model as a potential pedagogical tool incorporating the Internet into the language classroom, encouraging critical thinking, communication and interaction.

Dodge suggested that the thinking skills required in a quality WebQuest include comparing, classifying, inducing, deducing, analyzing errors, constructing support, making abstractions, and analyzing perspectives.

ghazi ghaith writing a resume

The task section can identify roles for cooperative group members. Each student is assigned a role to play as the group completes the assigned activity.

Next, the resource section provides links to high-quality Internet-based resources, developmentally appropriate for the targeted age group and resources, which students will use to complete the activity.

The process section provides a step- by-step guide for completion of the activity, and it provides a clear description of exactly what students should do to complete the task.

The evaluation may be in the form of a rubric or checklist that illustrates to students exactly what they should do to be successful, according to Dodge. The conclusion section brings closure to the activity and summarizes what the teacher hopes the students have learned as a result of completing the activity.

The conclusion may also encourage students to extend their recently gained knowledge to other domains Dodge, However, all the WebQuest sections should be seen as one entity comprising many sections and should be relective, luid, and dynamic Watson, In the context of ESP, WebQuests seem to be ideally suited for a content-based instructional program aimed at developing the integrated skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing Marco, The pedagogical principles of WebQuests are to assign small groups of students with a challenging inquiry, provide access to an abundance of online resources, and scaffold the learning process to promote higher order thinking March, Providing students with interactive opportunities that make the learning experience meaningful renders WebQuests effective as a tool for a content-based approach to ESP instruction Marco, Some research asserts that although there were no signiicant differences in achievement, teachers wrote more comments about mechanical or syntactic changes to males than to females.

Other researchers such as Smith and Wilhelm report that boys may simply choose not to engage in the kinds of literate activity privileged in schools.

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Along similar lines, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction indicated that female learners outperformed their male counterparts in reading in grades 4, 8, and Similarly, research conducted by the Iowa Department of Education maintained that girls outperformed boys in reading at the 4th, 8th, and 11th grades.Author: Ghazi Ghaith is Professor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

His research focuses on the applications of cooperative learning in language teaching and teacher education as well as on reading and writing. Email: [email protected] Please cite as: Ghaith, G. M. (). Teacher . Taiwan International ESP Journal, Vol.

, , 1 The Impact of WebQuest and Gender on Writing Achievement in Professional Business English Ghada Mohamad Awada, Ghazi M. Ghaith American University of Beirut, Lebanon Abstract This article reports the results of an experimental study that examined the relative effectiveness of the WebQuest (WQ) technological model in improving the .

Ghazi Ghaith This study investigated the relationship between reading attitudes, achievement, and learners perceptions of their Jigsaw II cooperative learning (CL) experience.

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Ghaith. Teacher Preparation Through Cooperative Learning writing). Thus, we sought to incorporate into our programs efficient methods that ensure proper integration of content and methodology.

CL was perceived as participants resume their seats and the teacher leads a . cooperative learning article. 0 Down votes, mark as not useful. Coop Learning Ghazi.

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