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Ideological state apparatus essay help

This should make you ask, how can that be? This essay as it appears in Critical Theory Since is an excerpt from a longer piece discussing the relation between the State and subjects. His view of ideology and ideologies comes out of his understanding of the relations between State and subject between government and citizensso it's worth while to examine those ideas for a minute.

The State, for Althusser, is the kind of governmental formation that arises with capitalism; a state and you can substitute the word "nation" here to help conceptualize what the "State" is is determined by the capitalist mode of production and formed to protect its interests.

It is historically true whether you are a Marxist or not that the idea of nations as discrete units is coterminous with capitalism. Althusser mentions two major mechanisms for insuring that people within a State behave according to the rules of that State, even when it's not in their best interests in regards to their class positions to do so.

The first is what Althusser calls the RSA, or Repressive State Apparatuses, that can enforce behavior directly, such as the police, and the criminal justice and prison system.

ideological state apparatus essay help

Through these "apparatuses" the state has the power to force you physically to behave. More importantly for literary studies, however, are the second mechanism Althusser investigates, which he calls ISAs, or Ideological State Apparatuses. These are institutions which generate ideologies which we as individuals and groups then internalize, and act in accordance with.

These ISAs include schools, religions, the family, legal systems, politics, arts, sports, etc. These organizations generate systems of ideas and values, which we as individuals believe or don't believe ; this is what Althusser examines.

How do we come to internalize, to believe, the ideologies that these ISAs create, and thus misrecognize or misrepresent ourselves as unalienated subjects in capitalism Althusser's answer starts with the distinction between ideologies and ideology. Althusser says that ideology is a structure, and as such is "eternal," i.

He derives this idea of ideology as a structure from the Marxist idea that ideology is part of the superstructure, but he links the structure of ideology to the idea of the unconscious, from Freud and from Lacan. Because ideology is a structure, its contents will vary, you can fill it up with anything, but its form, like the structure of the unconscious, is always the same.

And ideology works "unconsciously. Althusser's first premise or thesis p. Why not just understand the real? The first answer to this question, Althusser says, comes from the 18th century, and the idea that ideology comes from priests and despots.

This is the eighteenth-century version of what I've said about feminism: The second and, from the Marxist perspective, the correct answer is that the material alienation of real conditions predisposes people to form representations which distance alienate them from these real conditions.

In other words, the material relations of capitalist production are themselves alienating, but people can't quite deal with the harsh reality of this, so they make up stories about how the relations of production aren't so bad; these stories, or representations, then alienate them further from the real alienating conditions.

Ideological state apparatus essay

The double distancing involved here, or the alienation of alienation, works like an analgesic, a pill, to keep us from feeling pain of alienation; if we didn't have these stories, we'd know the alienation of the real relations of production, and we'd probably revolt--or go nuts.

These ideas about representation and reality assume that what is reflected in the imaginary representation of the world found in ideology is the "real world," or real conditions of existence. Althusser says that ideology doesn't represent the real world per se, but human beings' RELATION to that real world, to their perceptions of the real conditions of existence.

In fact, we probably can't know the real world directly; what we know are always representations of that world, or representations of our relation to that world. Ideology then is the imaginary version, the represented version, the stories we tell ourselves about our relation to the real world.

So the "real world" becomes, not something that is objectively out there, but something that is the product of our relations to it, and of the ideological representations we make of it--the stories we tell ourselves about what is real become what is real.

That's how ideology operates. In more Marxist terms, what ideology does is present people with representations of their relations to relations of production, rather than with representations of the relations of production themselves.

Marxism originally formulated ideology as an illusionary representation of the relations of people to real conditions. My salary is not nearly as large as that of a doctor, lawyer, movie star, or athlete not even in minor league baseball!!

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Ideological practice consists of an assortment of institutions called "ideological state apparatuses" (ISAs), which include the family, the media, religious organizations, and most importantly in capitalist societies, the education system, as well as the received ideas that they propagate.

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Ideological state apparatus essay.

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The State, for Althusser, is the kind of governmental formation that arises with capitalism; a state (and you can substitute the word "nation" here to help conceptualize what the "State" is) is determined by the capitalist mode of production and formed to protect its interests.

ideological state apparatus A term developed by the Marxist theorist Louis Althusser to denote institutions such as education, the churches, family, media, trade unions, and law, which were formally outside state control but which .

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