Mid assignment paper for aiub

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Mid assignment paper for aiub

BusinessBusiness StatisticsOther Topic: Article Internship Report Executive Summary Bangladesh is a developing country with a population of about Facing a problem of high population, our country also faces several problems of political instability and conflicts.

News of such problems is always present in our daily newspapers every morning.

Mid assignment paper for aiub

Along with such news we are also exposed to news of sexual harassments that women of our society face every day. Recently, I read in a daily newspaper that a young girl 2 years of age was raped by a man!

It was shocking news for me and I was surprised that how cruel men can be. The main focus of my research is the problems especially with AIUB female students face problem in public transportation modes today.

Most of the women in the Mid assignment paper for aiub class segment of the community use public transport to reach their destinations every day. Many of them include working women doing part time or full time jobs. They use busses, rickshaws, tempos or CNG auto rickshaws to go to different places they need to go.

The following will discuss various transportation modes and their degree of being safe for women. Background A few years back I saw a poster in a store. It was a common picture in Bangladesh. There was a time when women used to stay at home and do all the household works.

Their husbands used to complain that they do not do anything. Men used to underestimate and dominate their wives as they were the only earning member of the family.

They used to take all the major decisions for the family. Women were treated like servants.

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But the situation is very different now. Women are working almost in every sector. They are taking higher education and even going abroad to take higher degrees.

They are aware of their career. They are earning their own livelihood. They are not financially dependent on their husbands anymore. They are doing their job outside the home as well as inside the home. Although we can see huge differences between now and then, one thing that has not changed yet is the mentality of men.

They still want to dominate women and complain about them. Before they used to dominate as they were the only person earning income, and now when their wives are earning income they do not like it.

The possible reasons for husbands not allowing or opposing their wives doing jobs outside are categorized on the following classifications: Typical husbands often do not like the fact that their wives will be working with other men in the absence of the former.

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They feel literally insecure while their wives are working outside under a male supervisor or are surrounded by male colleagues. They feel the tension of what might happen and does not tend to take things normally and casually. It is seen that no matter how long the married life, husbands usually cannot trust their wives blindly.

They often out of their own frustration begin to think that their wives, as they are working under a male boss or working together with male colleagues might get attracted to each other sexually and things might go wrong.

This frustration sometimes leads to greater tension in a married life and often it is seen that the tension between the couple results in physical abuse.Current information and listing of economic research for Benjamin Hermalin with RePEc Short-ID phe59 Camelia M., "CEO turnover in a competitive assignment framework," MPRA Paper , University Library of "Do Compensation Committee Members Perceive Changing CEO Incentive Performance Targets Mid-Cycle to be Fair.

Mid assignment paper for aiub

Full text of "A digest of cases relating to shipping, admiralty, and insurance law: from the reign of Elizabeth to the end of " See other formats. Jul 01,  · Armand de Mestral topic. Armand de Mestral, CM (born 17 November ) is a Canadian academic and international arbitration expert.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, de Mestral is a law professor at the McGill University and an expert in international law. Sep 12,  · The admission committee as per the rules of the university will conduct the admission process for Bachelor's degree.

The student will be admitted in the first semester of an academic year in the individual discipline of different srmvision.com: Bangladesh.

Assignment on Motivational Practice in ACI Bangladesh Ltd.

Michael Steven Weisbach | IDEAS/RePEc I am honored to accept this appointment and it is my privilege to serve the Institute to which the Board has entrusted me. As an alumnus from the first batch I am proud and consider it my duty to support and contribute to the Institute in whatever that I can, and I shall try my level best to fulfill this obligation.
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A research paper submitted to Ms. Nishat Moumita, Lecturer, American International University-Bangladesh, in partial satisfaction of the requirements for Human Resource Management Course. Refresher course for DA. mid-level managers of sales participate in the training program.

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