Nigeria oil crisis

Thereafter, licenses were given to D'Arcy Exploration Company and Whitehall Petroleum but neither company found oil of commercial value and they returned their licenses in The company began exploratory work in The consortium was granted license to explore oil all over the territory of Nigeria but the acreage allotted to the company in the original license was reduced in and then between and Drilling activities started in with the first test well drilled in Owerri area.

Nigeria oil crisis

Nigeria:Oil Reserve Crisis Looms Over Delay of Blocks - Comercio Partners

By Tori Foxcroftoriginally published by news Entire families had fled into surrounding forests with laundry still hanging on the Nigeria oil crisis and pots gurgling on cooking fires. Walter would not say whether it was Nigerian security forces or ethnic militants that the townspeople feared.

Popular Topics Nigeria is projected to witness a shortage of crude oil, as new refineries may have to compete with the sale of the product at the international market where the country earns the bulk of its hard currency.
Author and Page information By Daniel Djouder The new trend of low oil prices has rapidly escalated, carrying negative effects for producers and positive effects for the economies of importers, though these have been slow to become apparent.
Where next? Africa Niger Delta crisis escalates Nigeria's oil-dependent economy is under siege from militants who are targeting oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta. President Muhammadu Buhari is to make his first visit to the region this week.

Both groups are known to go on killing rampages. Kidnappings and sabotage have escalated, forcing costly shutdowns by companies pumping crude.

A confidential page security report commissioned by Shell in December warns that mounting attacks by criminals and ethnic militants could force the oil giant to abandon its onshore operations in the delta by No possibility of a company pullout Shell spokesperson Simon Buerk rejects the possibility of a company pullout.

Nigeria oil crisis

Other company officials concede, however, that the firm is increasingly turning its attention to oil fields that are offshore because it considers them safer from attack by bandits and activists — even though militants in boats have in the past occupied offshore platforms and held their crew members hostage.

Another growing concern for oil multinationals, company officials privately acknowledge, is the possibility of their being blamed for killings, robberies or other abuses inflicted by Nigerian police and soldiers trying to control the restive delta.

Earlier this month, security forces raided five delta villages, leaving 15 people dead and ransacking and burning homes, according to witnesses and militants, in an operation that security forces said were part of an effort to combat attacks on multinational oil operations.

In March, a US federal judge in San Francisco ruled that ChevronTexaco could be made to stand trial for civil damages in the United States on allegations that its Nigerian subsidiary was linked to the deaths of nine people allegedly shot by soldiers during protests on an offshore oil platform in ChevronTexaco has denied any misconduct in the case.

Similar US cases are pending against other Nigeria-based oil concerns.

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Many residents of the delta, increasingly awash with automatic weapons and rocket launchers, say they have given up hope of a peaceful resolution to the conflicts between armed gangs, soldiers and oil companies.Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and the seventh largest oil producer in the world.

Its total oil production in including condensates, natural gas liquids, and crude oil averaged million barrels per day (bpd), with oil amounting to million bpd. Nigeria Oil Crisis Due to Low Price Is Over: OPEC UK’s Fear: Irish Republican Army Regrouping?

Croatia Sold Old Ammunitions to Saudi Arabia in for Syria. Nigeria:Oil Reserve Crisis Looms Over Delay of BlocksSource: Africa BusinessPublished on This has left Nigeria particularly exposed to the current crisis.

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Let us have a brief look into the internal situation of the oil industry in Nigeria. The country is the largest oil producer in Africa, and the second largest in terms of proven reserves.

The Niger Delta is the richest area of biodiversity in Nigeria, but regular oil spills that are not cleaned up, blatant dumping of industrial waste and promises of development projects which are not followed through, have all added to the increasing environmental and health problems.

Nigeria is an important oil supplier to the United States.

Nigeria oil crisis

For the last nine years, the United States has imported between percent of its crude oil from Nigeria; however, United States import data for the first half of show that Nigerian crude is down to a 5 .

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