Pi patels view of religion essay

This section contains 1, words approx. This essay looks at a possible theme of Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel.

Pi patels view of religion essay

I wondered if Pi, the main character, was in fact a hero. In The Life of Pi, there are numerous heroic archetypes. To summarize the book: The main character and protagonist, Pi Patel embarks on a grand journey, both physically and mentally.

He comes to a realization of what is meaningful in life as he struggles for survival at sea. Pi is a sixteen year old formerly privileged boy from east India. Pi and his father, mother, brother Ravi and the inhabitants of the zoo depart for Canada on the ship called the Tsimtsum.

While at sea the Tsimtsum sinks in shark infested waters with no land is insight. The only other survivors other than Pi consist of a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan named Orange Juice and Richard Parker a pound male Bengal tiger.

All of the animals join Pi on a small life boat. Trouble start immediately when the hyena devours the orangutan and zebra, Richard Parker then devours the hyena. Subsequently Pi is alone with the soon starving Richard Parker.

Rather than avoiding the tiger, Pi realizes that he must train it. Through a significant amount of persistence and effort Pi asserts authority over Richard and Pi is relatively safe from it. While suffering at sea Pi encounters a starved Frenchman who has intent to cannibalize Pi, however the Frenchman is oblivious to Richard Parker who slays and devours the French man.

Strangely enough Pi is a devotee of three religions, Hindu, Islam and Christianity, subsequently he allows numerous gods to lead him and encourage him to survive. Pi happens upon a strange island in the middle of the ocean which hosts no life other than algae and meerkats.

On the island Pi and Richard Parker regain strength. After discovering human teeth and seeing the islands acid emissions that obliterate all living things, Pi and Richard Parker flee. While at sea again Pi experiences starvation, loneliness, fear, the power of belief in faith and maintaining the will to live.

After grueling days at sea Pi finally lands on a Mexican beach where Richard Parker quickly darts away into the jungle never to be seen again, this decision greatly disappointed Pi.

Finally while amongst humans Pi is fed and taken to hospital. Unfortunately the story of his grand journey is not believed. The focus of The Life of Pi is on the power of religion: Religion is an incredibly powerful force that encourages mankind to maintain hope and a will to survive.

Although Pi Patel is only a sixteen year old boy lost at sea he is a hero. His strong belief in religion and ever-present will to live, despite the disparity of his situation, define him as a true hero. I believe he is an accidental hero. The journey across the ocean is purely accidental and against his will.

He is a hero as he continued to preserver and maintained the will to survive despite his dire circumstances.

Types of Archetypal journeys Pi unwillingly embarks on an epic journey, where he must survive and struggle to find the meaning of life and the will to live.

Life of Pi

Pi is summoned to adventure when he and his family depart India for a new life in Canada. Pi entered into a new and incredibly dangerous world when the Tsimtsum sank. Pi was forced to face being alone to survive. The Road of Trials: The gods encourage him to survive. Richard Parker saved Pi from the cannibalistic Frenchman.

If Richard Parker was not present Pi would easily give up due to severe loneliness and the overwhelming sense of hopelessness. In ancient Islam texts state tigers were sent by Allah to punish sinners. If Pi gave up practicing religion it would be a sin, subsequently Richard Parker would devour him.

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Richard Parker inspired Pi to survive and maintain his faiths. The Inner Most Cave: Pi is continuously placed under great trial at sea. He is fighting for survival, against all odds. He is fighting against fatigue, hunger, a starving tiger and extreme weather conditions.Yann Martel sprinkles the novel with italicized memories of the “real” Pi Patel and wonders in his author’s note whether fiction is “the selective transforming of reality, the twisting of it .

Martel offers one such articulation, albeit imaginary, in Life of Pi. This survival adventure of year-old Piscine (Pi) Patel, which involves enduring against great odds for days in a foot lifeboat with an adult Bengal tiger, offers a glimpse at the narrative possibilities for the postmodern survivor and the postmodern reader of his tale.

Power of Religion in Yann Martel's Life of Pi Essay example Words | 5 Pages. Gandhi, “The essence of all religions is one.

Only their approaches are different”.

Pi patels view of religion essay

In the story Life of Pi, Pi Patel personally experiences different aspects of four religions including Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Life of Pi, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

Francis Adirubasamy first presents Pi ’s tale to the fictional author as “a story to make you believe in God,” immediately introducing religion as a crucial theme. Feb 21,  · The main character and protagonist, Pi Patel embarks on a grand journey, both physically and mentally.

He comes to a realization of what is meaningful in life as he struggles for survival at sea. Pi is a sixteen year old formerly privileged boy from east India.

Transcript of Life of Pi: Faith vs Doubt Faith vs. Doubt Life of Pi Pi Patel's Faith Pi is a convert to three faiths including Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Importance of Faith Pi's knowledge about religion and God helps him survive the multiple obstacles he faces on the lifeboat.

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