Utah essay

To download this essay, click here. The Massacre at My Lai The reprehensible attack on the civilians of My Lai was not a result of a single catalyst, but rather occurred as a result of several compounded variables:

Utah essay

Get Full Utah essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The proposed merger would help both organizations by economizing on costs and expanding the artistic potential of both organizations.

Each of the organizations need to support the decision in order for the merger to be successful. For the Utah Opera, Bailey sees continued success and growth as its need for achievement. The merger also presents Bailey with an opportunity to personally achieve a difficult task—a merger that is quite rare in the arts world.

The need for affiliation refers to social relationships and activities, essentially belonging to and collaborating with a group. The last aspect of this motivational theory is the need for power—the aspiration to lead, influence, teach, and encourage others to reach certain goals or act in a certain manner.

Bailey, as chairman of the board, must use his influence to show the board that the merger will lead the Utah Opera to continued success and progression.

Utah essay

By using a positive need for power, Bailey can demonstration to the board that the organization can still accomplish its goals without losing its identify.

The successful merger will also help satisfy a need for power for Bailey by putting him in a position to be recognized for his leadership role in the merger. Abravanel, the surviving wife of Maurice Abravanel—the music director at the Utah Symphony for 32 until his retirement in —openly opposed the merger.

Abravanel to support the merger. The equity theory in essence is when individuals seek to maintain equity based on the inputs they produce and the outcomes they receive from their inputs as compared to others perceived inputs and outcomes. A balance between inputs and outputs is strived for because it leads to fairness and improved relations.

Abravanel sees the symphony as the dominant party in the merger. This is apparent by Mrs. Parker must show Mrs. In order to convince Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger, Parker needs to explain the rationale behind the merger as well as understand why Mrs.

Abravanel sees the merger as unfair and inequitable. In order to sway Mrs. Abravanel to support the merger, Parker can offer Mrs. Abravanel a seat to participate in the merger discussions. Ewers has obtained authority based on the position she holds with the opera, which is her positional power.

On the other hand, Ewers personal power is the authority she commands derived from who she is as a person. Ewers positional power and personal power are related because as one is used wisely, the other power is concurrently increased.

Ewers has shown she has used her positional power wisely in her time with other operas. Because of her work, she has gained a reputation in the opera community as a capable leader that is energetic and enthusiastically dedicated to the arts in Utah. Because of the positive relation between her positional and personal power, Ewers has gained respect in the arts community, which resulted in the proposal that she become the CEO of the merged organization.Essay about Utah Symphony and Opera Merger Task 1 Words | 8 Pages.

Utah essay

Utah Symphony And Opera Merger Task 1 Utah Opera and Symphony Merger Utah Opera and Utah Symphony merger is an organizational plan to combine the two art-based organizations with an aim of increasing their effectiveness and efficiency.

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