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The Justice Minister did not want to talk about the Corby case specifically. It is expected Corby will be released into the care of her sister Mercedes in Bali.

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Kuta Police chief Wayan Sumara today personally patrolled the laneway directly in front of Corby's home before she underwent a final mandatory medical check. As he spoke with media outside the house, Mercedes Corby was heard shouting from inside: Schapelle Corby is a photograph taken by author Tony Wilson.

As he left Dr Wayan widyartha business plan told the media that Corby was healthy and well, repeating the words several times. It is understood that Corby initially refused the check but that Dr Hartawan came to the house anyway and the check was conducted.

Dr Hartawan said that Corby's expression was "flat" and made no response when a parole officer asked if she was happy about going home tomorrow. When the parole officer said, you must be happy about going home tomorrow, Corby didn't give any response.

Only Mercedes was smiling, Corby kept a flat expression," Dr Hartawan said.

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We only see her physical condition, monitoring her," he said. Dr Agung Hartawan from Kerobokan jail visits Schapelle Corby's house in Kuta lane with a parole officer to check her health.

Bintoro Dr Hartawan said that Corby had refused a full medical check, telling them she was fine and healthy, questioning why a medical was needed. I only see her condition.

No problem at all, no need for a medical test.

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She looked fine, still the same as I saw her the last time at the jail. He last saw Corby at Kerobokan prison in February when she underwent a medical test before being granted parole. He said when they arrived Corby shook the doctor's hand and kissed the cheek of his nurse, Rusmawati.

She was not covering her face for the minute meeting. I do not feel comfortable," Corby said to Dr Hartawan. Corby, 35, was released on parole last month after spending nine years in a Bali prison on charges of smuggling 4.

Indonesia Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin said Tuesday that the government is evaluating whether Corby's parole terms were violated by an interview her sister Mercedes gave to an Australian television network. Indonesian authorities had warned Corby that any interview by her could breach her parole conditions, which stipulate she must not cause unrest.

She must remain in Indonesia until and can be returned to prison to complete her sentence during that time. It comes on the eve of Schapelle Corby's sentence ending and her deportation to Australia. Mr Sumara told the media gathered outside the home that he was checking local security.

He said Kuta was a tourist precinct and he needed to ensure the area was secure, hence stepping up patrols. Schapelle Corby ready to come home: Due to be deported from Bali on May Jubilation after Corby's release (above) has evaporated as brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha admits a 'heavily medicated' Schapelle locked herself in a toilet for an entire day with her anxiety and.

Schapelle Corby's sister Mercedes and brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha have travelled to Jakarta to plead with Indonesia's Justice Minister to be allowed to do a paid interview but once again they.

WAYAN ANA. Acted as Corby’s translator during the initial police interrogations and at her later appeal hearing. He has been a court and police translator in Bali for the past 30 years and translated for pretty much every Australian arrested in Bali. He liked Corby, felt at the time she was innocent and still questions her guilt.

The scarf and hat remained on at all times. Wayan Widyartha sat next to her. Cameras filmed through the office windows and burly security guards hovered around. Hello world!

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Rebbeca Scontras # Amaze! Thank you! I. Wayan Widyartha runs a small shop in Kuta where pictures of his children with Schapelle's sister Mercedes are displayed in the front window.

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