Wise business plans

Career[ edit ] A former sales representative for Stanley Home Products, Wise was a divorcee with a son to support. She found Tupperware to be a product with broad appeal and began selling it at home parties. Wise ran the sales division, Tupperware Home Parties, Inc, from Kissimmee, Florida and had the freedom to implement her marketing strategies.

Wise business plans

The first mission is to serve the general public in a fair and honest way. The second is to do this from a Christian perspective. While performing these tasks, it is hoped for and expected that a decent profit will be gathered from our efforts.

There are many problems with the current taxi organizations in existence and it is hoped that by adding an alterantive to the services out there, the public will really appreciate our efforts.

Not just taxi service, but package delivery and other types of transportation such as Go Bus a federally sponsored program and even Ambucab transportation on for the elderly type services. The taxi service will be located in Toledo, Ohio in an office located on South Williams avenue.

The population in the greater metropolitan area exceedspeople and the community is dynamic and getting more vibrant with each passing day.

The entire area has a low unemployment rate, a diversified economy, and wonderful year round events which attract tourist dollars and people to the region. Customer Profile A taxi comapny attracts two main types of business.

The first type is a commercial charge account business, and the second is direct consumer business. The commercial accounts usually have either package delivery or pay for passengers as their main function and are usually charge accounts.

The direct consumer accounts are people from throughout the city who need taxi service for various reasons, to run errands, get to work etc. Consumer accounts are usually cub accounts and payable immediately. The customer never comes to the place of business of the taxi service, all taxis are dispatched to the customers place of business and the sole representative view that the customer has of the taxi service is through the cleanliness of the vehicle and the driver, and the promptness of their response.

Any value added services just enhance these basic considerations of the customer. Need for Services There is a pressing need for reliable public transportation in the Toledo area, Bus service is not a viable option for many people due to the limited scope of operation of bus service in the area.

The buses here do not run very long during the day and they are very restricted as to routes and times during the weekend and off-peak times.

As a result, public transportation is always needed for those whom the bus cannot serve. Economic Factors Not only is there a strong and growing industrial base in the region, the city has been quietly developing the downtown area for quite some time.

New projects are being planned and built daily and the entire downtown property is expanding at a very fist rate. In the last ten years, there has been an explosion of new venues which have attracted people to the downtown area.

The city has recently seen the implementation of several sports franchises, an auto race, expanded concert venues, hotel construction, and are planning a downtown convention center which should pull in business from the surrounding cities in Ohio and throughout the United States.

A state-of-theart cancer research center is also being developed in addition to the world's first mall for children. Toledo is a city of opportunity and that expansion and growth fuels the need for more reliable transportation. Competition There are currently three other taxicab companies in the area.Kyzylorda Province Irkol · Korsan · Karamurun · North Kharasan Irkol project (ISL), Shieli district, Kyzylorda region > View deposit info.

Kazakhstan has begun mining uranium at a new field in the south of the country with a production capacity of metric tons . Providing a Complete Line of Products & Services.

We understand just how much goes into the daily and regular operations of running a business. Our company can offer you everything you need for your employees, from life and disability benefits and group health and .

wise business plans

A Wise custom-crafted Investor Business Plan is tailor-made to business your startup or expansion concept as you work plan acquire funding from investors. Becoming a franchisee is a little like getting into a good college: You have to vegas that admitting you into the brand family will business the company and that you will be an asset to not.

Gene Krutzler, Business Partner Mr. Krutzler is a professional business plan writer who began his career with General Electric Capital after earning a B. Business Plan Writers Pennsylvania, Now Offered by Wise Business Plans - Wise Business Plans.

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